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Hippo-M LED Strip Connector

Hippo-M LED strip connector is professionally made and powerful. It supports a wide range of led strip types with different diode, width, fpc thickness and waterproof method even there is no visible soldering pad on strip light. Further more user can attach different wire easily to this connector on site according to project requirement. Innovative pierce-to-contact technology makes connection such easy and convenient no matter for board-to-board or board-to-wire,no matter waterproof or non-waterproof bringing you the most convenience to your connection work. With Hippo-M LED tape connector, your work or business will be so flexible

Upgraded version available: Hippo-M MINI, Hippo-M X 

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  • Attached wire to connector without stripping insulation
  • Fixing strip light and input wire really firmly
  • Support big current for business application

Hippo-M Overall Specifications

LED Strip Width Supported 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Pin Quantity 2 Pins, 3 Pins, 4 Pins, 5 Pins, 6 Pins
Supported Light Color single color, CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT
Working Voltage DC3~24V
Working Current 2.5A~5A
Workable Wire Gauge 22~18AWG
Material Polycarbonate, Copper
Connection Types strip to wire, strip to power, strip to strip joint, strip to strip bridge(jumper)


Different types of Hippo-M LED Strip Connector from onlumi
Different types of Hippo-M LED Strip Connector from onlumi

More about Hippo-M LED Tape Light Connector

Onlumi is a leading supplier of LED light accessories and provides powerful solderless solutions for soldering flexible LED light strips. It provides a wide range of lighting accessories, fixing tools, and LED light strip connectors including Hippo-M connectors.

The pierce to contact technology used in these connectors enable users to have solderless connections between strips and power without any hassle. You can get professionally designed and developed Hippo-M splicer for waterproof, non-waterproof, COB, and PCB-type LED strips having an IP rating of 20 and 65.

If you need solution for hollow tube waterproof IP66/IP67 or solid tube whaterproof IP68. Visit below link

No matter what the width of a strip is you can easily get a compatible connector for it . You can find width ranging from 5mm to 12mm. You can also find connectors with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 pin poles in this series.  Among hippo-m series, some high-density strip connectors are designed for soldering a strip to wires, power, strip joint, or a strip bridge. These copper, PVC, or polycarbonate-made connectors give an elegant appearance in a combination of black and transparent colors. These user-friendly connectors are very easy to use for creating a solderless connection between strips and wires. There are tutorials available to facilitate customers using these connectors. So, choose an appropriate Hippo-M clips and develop your LED strips.