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Outdoor Hollow

Looking for a LED light strip connector? Onlumi presents a wide selection of connectors and clips for a solderless connection between LED strips. The company provides its valued customers with powerful connectors to connect a strip to a strip joint, power, or wires

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Outdoor Hollow Connector

Outdoor Hollow Connectors come in different styles, shapes, and colors designated to improve their functionality and enhance their appearance. There are 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, and 5pin connectors letting you establish a connection with multiple wires. The width of these connectors varies from 8mm to 14mm. So, take the LED strip width in your mind while choosing a connector for it.

Moreover, these connectors are applicable with flexible PCB strips having an IP rating of 66 and 67. It means you can create a solderless connection between waterproof LED strips using these outdoor hollow connectors. These connectors are manufactured using high-quality materials including copper, polycarbonate, and PVC. These powerful and professionally made connectors have certifications from CE, RoHS, and REACH. To get these high-quality and affordable outdoor hollow connectors, you can create your order online. The company also provides samples to new clients and conducts compatibility tests of products to provide the most effective solution for your LED strips.