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Wire Splicing Connector

Easy-to-use connectors to splice different kinds of wire, solid and strand. Including DC terminal and IDC Electrical Interconnect System, a set of solution to connect your devices together quickly without any stripping, twisting or tapping.

Wire Splicing Connector

Are you seeking the best fixing solutions for wires? Onlumi brings the DC terminal and IDC wire joint connectors to join different kinds of wires including strand and solid wires. These modern and easy-to-use wire splicing connectors let you connect your wires without peeling off, twisting, or piercing. Insert the wires into the connector and lock the connector to complete the connection. This makes wire splicing easier, securer, and long-lasting. The wire joining connectors are further classified into 1-pin and 2-pin connectors in I shape, T shape, and Y shape. These PC and copper-made splicers work with 20-16AWG, 22-18AWG, and 22-20AWG wire.

Onlumi also brings a wide selection of LED strip connectors, DC connectors, power supply, electrical wires, cables, and fixing solutions like end caps, and cable holders. You can get the best solutions for your LED strips to have an amazing lighting system in various spaces in your home. We do compatibility tests to help you choose the best product for your requirement. Our team of professionals is accessible for business buyers to get technical support in the development of their LED strips. All these services are provided without charging anything. We ensure the provision of the best products and outstanding services for our valuable customers.