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Flat Pin Connector

Discover the finest-quality flat pin connectors at Onlumi to ensure the provision of power to your low voltage devices. These connectors come in different shapes, sizes, and pins, and can be categorized as an extender, pigtail, and round splitter connectors.

Jacket Wire flat 4 pin connector

Flat Pin Connector

You can get a wide range of IP20 flat pin connectors that are touch-proof, dust-resistant, and solid resistant at Onlumi. However, these are not protected against liquid. The supplier has a wide selection of 2 pins to 6 pins connectors made up of PVC and copper. The cable attached to these connectors is customizable and comes in flat parallel and round sheathed shapes. You can choose between wires with a lock and without a lock to get a more suitable fixing method.

Moreover, all the flat pin connectors manufactured by Onlumi are certified by CE and RoHS. Pick a suitable flat pin connector; get a quote from the supplier, and create your online order right away. If you are not so sure, you can get free samples from the supplier to review our products. Business buyers can get great advantages from buying from Onlumi. From providing technical support in the development of LED strips to providing marketing material for selling your products in the best possible way, Onlumi works side by side with its customers.