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Mini Plug

Are you looking for 2pin mini-plug connectors? Check out the touch-proof and rust-resistant IP20 mini-plugs prudently manufactured by the professionals at Onlumi. These mini-plugs are secure to be used anywhere in the home including spaces for cooking and cleaning.

Mini Plug

The 2pin mini-plug connectors include pigtail, extender, and splitters. These connectors are further categorized into male pigtail connectors, female pigtail connectors, extenders between two connectors, and male connectors with a female splitter. The wire used with these plugs comes in flat parallel, flat sheathed, and round sheathed shapes. All these products have certification of CE. In addition to providing secure, high-quality, and certified products, Onlumi also offers customization to let you have customized wires, adapters and packing. The customers can choose from box shape packing, hanging head package, face seal blister, and clamshell blister.

You can download the catalog to check out the entire product line of Onlumi. Moreover, the supplier provides free samples to new customers to have a better understanding of the product. We also provide technical support to our customers to get their LED strips developed. The business buyers can also get product photos, videos, and relevant marketing material for their catalog and websites. These services are provided without additional charges.