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Solid Lock

The SL series, Solid Lock LED strip light connectors are innovative solution to non-waterproof led strip light. With outstanding design, it is the best choice to connect IP20 led strip. Solid lock led strip light connectors are slimmer than conventional LED strip snap connector, this make connection possible within narrow space like led aluminum profile, groove and furniture, etc. The notch on connector allows it to connect high density led strip without covering first led. This feature is especially useful for 120 lights or even 240 lights led strip. Unlike conventional LED strip snap connector which have ‘V-shape’ pin, the pin of solid lock is flat which is parallel to led strip solder pad, this can provide biggest contacting area to allow bigger current to go through.

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Solid Lock

Onlumi presents another powerful LED strip light connector to connect your strip to a strip joint, power, and wire. The solid lock connector comes with and without 150mm 22AWG wires. You can choose from 2pin, 3pin, and 4pin connectors varying in width between 8mm and 10mm. The 2pin connector is available in 8mm and 10mm, whereas, 3pin and 4pin connectors are available in 10mm width. All these solid lock connectors are applicable with non-waterproof IP20 LED strips. To make a connection, insert the strip into the connector and close the back cover to lock it. There could be no other way more amazing and effortless than this to make connections between LED strips.

The lighting solutions provided by Onlumi have got certifications of CE, RoHS, and REACH. It marks that the Onlumi products including Solid Lock connectors are manufactured complying with the European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. The company is a leading provider of lighting accessories all across the world. It is known for providing quality products at an affordable price and ensuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, the company provides free samples to new customers. It provides technical support in LED strip development. Also, it performs compatibility tests to find out the perfect solution for your lighting strips.