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How to Start LED Strip Connector Business

Feb 23, 2022

LED light strip,as a linear lighting solution, is widely used in different lighitng design and project. The advantage that it can be cut and powered again bring flexibility to lighting project and large demand of led strip connector. This article will tell you how to start led strip connector business by selecting led strip connector factory, testing the quality and sale of this kind of product.

1. Why is the light strip connector helpful for the sales of LED light strips?

In general, it makes your light strip sales easier and more flexible.

  1. If you originally provided welding and installation services for customers, you need to hire a professional electrician to do welding. It is not easy to find qualified welding workers, and the cost will be relatively high. With the light strip connector, you can only need to provide the operation manual and system connection drawing.
  2. If you previously only sell the light strip without providing welding service, it is recommended that you start selling the light strip connector. Because the connector can reduce the installation difficulty of the light strip, some small home decoration projects can do it by themselves without hiring an electrician, so it is easier for buyers to decide to buy the light strip.
  3. It is also easier to do after-sales maintenance. Directly replace the defective light strip, and then use the connector to reconnect the new light strip. It can greatly simplify your after-sales process.

2. To promote your business growth with LED strip connector, care about the following aspects.

  • Be clear about your business needs.
  • What kind of light strip connector to choose?
  • How to select and evaluate the supplier of light strip connector?
  • How to judge the quality of light strip connector?
  • How to sell LED strip connectors?

Be clear about your business needs.

  1. First of all, you should sort out the specifications of all light strips that need to match the connector.
    Take note that the specifications of the light strips not only include what you are selling at present, but also consider what you intend to sell in the future. You may have a table recording the model, width, bead density, voltage, maximum power, maximum current and waterproof mode of different light strips. Several columns should be reserved to record the connector models that can be adapted. If you don’t have this form, you are suggested making one. Because there are many connector models, this can keep your work in order and will not miss any models.
  1. What is the certification of light strip connector?
  2. Where may the product be used?
  3. Do you intend to sell it separately or provide it to your light strip customers as an accessory?
  4. What kind of packing do you need?

What kind of light strip connector to choose?

Open the search engine or online market, you can find a lot of light strip connectors to choose from. But how do you find the right products for your current business?The evaluation should be made from the following aspects.

Matching of potential light strip specifications

  • Waterproof mode: it is usually not waterproof, but glue dropping waterproof IP65 / IP54, casing waterproof IP67, solid casing waterproof IP68.
  • Width of light strip: usually 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm
  • Light Diode Density: usually 30,60,90,120,240,280,300, or even 700. COB light strip currently has even more than 1000 lights per meter.
  • Maximum current: evaluate the maximum current of the light strip. Generally, the maximum current support of connectors on the market will not exceed 5A. Circuits exceeding 5A can be shunted through parallel circuits.

Matching of Potential Installation Space

If it is used for aluminum profile or groove, the width of the product shall be less than the width of the groove, and the height shall ensure that it will not prevent the installation of the diffusion cover

led strip connector in aluminum channel
led strip connector in aluminum channel

Matching of potential connection types

  • Corner, strip to strip ( Board to board )
  • strip to wire (Board to wire )
  • strip to power ( Board to power )
  • strip to strip bridge/jumper ( / Board to board bridge )
  • strip to other adapter (Board to other adapters)

for more details, pls read another article


3. How to select and evaluate LED strip connector suppliers

Here are some of the criteria we recommend for evaluating good suppliers


The price needs to be competitive, but it is not necessary to find the lowest price. Because other factors have to be considered, the lowest price products are often because they reduce the cost of other services. If you only pay attention to the price, it is easy to find unqualified suppliers and ultimately damage your business development.


This is very important. The following factors are usually considered:

  • They can provide product certification
  • They are able to provide product test report
  • They can propose the best solution to the connection problem
  • They have industry history, because long-term engagement in this field can accumulate a lot of experience


Inflexible product and sales policies may not meet your development needs, so the flexibility of cooperation is very important, especially when the market changes. Therefore, the following factors should be considered

  • Small batch purchase should be supported
  • Customization should be supported

After-sale service

  •  Provide clear warranty terms for products
  • Be able to take responsibility in time in case of order defects
  • Provide technical support, including questions answering and testing
  • If possible, provide support for marketing materials

Research and Development Capability

New light strips are emerging in the market, and companies with strong research and development capability can quickly launch matching connectors. This can support you to keep ahead of the market and your competitors.

Timely Delivery

It is very important to deliver on time to ensure that your sales will not be interrupted.

Supply stability

You don’t want your product to suddenly stop producing in the future

4. How to Start Cooperation

When designing the light strip, the matching with connector should be considered.

This will not increase your cost doing this. On the contrary, if you decide to customize the connector after the light strip design is determined, the cost will be very high, and the MOQ will also need to be reached. Generally, the cost of modifying the light strip circuit board is very low, and the cost of mold tooling for new connector and MOQ are much higher.

If you have a ready-made light strip, ask the supplier to provide a solution

  • Describe the expected usage scenario
  • It is necessary to provide the supplier with light strip data
  • If necessary, provide the sample of light strip to the supplier for testing
  • Describe packaging requirements
PCB Design data of led strip
PCB Design data of led strip

Ask for Sample Test

Sample testing is a good way to find potential problems, which is usually recommended. Onlumi can provide free sample for test to reduce the risk of customers’ wrong choices.

Place a small batch trial order before mass purchase

The sample can expose quality and function problems, and the trial order can help you find other potential problems of bilateral cooperation, such as whether the supplier can well understand your order requirements, whether the supplier can provide documents according to your requirements, and so on. So this is another low-cost way to find potential problems. If time permits, you are suggested doing so.

Mass Purchase

If the previous steps are OK, you can start mass purchase.

5. How to judge the quality of light strip connector?

Usually you can consider doing the following tests:

  • Overcurrent test
  • Wire thicknessor gaugetest
  • Flame retardant test
  • Tensile test
Tensile test of led strip connector
Tensile test of led strip connector

6. How to Sell LED Light Strip with Connector

Learn the basic concepts

The consensus of some basic concepts in the industry helps to improve the efficiency of communication such as:

  • About LED Strip: PCB width, waterproof method, light color, pin number, led densityAbout
  • connection types: strip to power, strip to wire, strip to strip bridge, strip to strip joint, corner connection and strip to other
  • About wire: wire gauge, flat wire, color sequence

More knowledge about LED strip light or connector,pls browse our website blog content.


Rapid Response

Don’t make the customer wait too long

Provide Trial Samples

The sample is very important to reduce the risk of customers and establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

Good Service and Support

  • Provide video of instructions for use
  • Provide suggestions for solutions

Optional Packaging

Provide packaging options for different user groups in advance, which will help to improve the speed of sales.

package method of led strip connector
package method of led strip connector

There are box packing, bag packing and blister package,etc.


Every business is not easy, so is led strip connector. You need a good partner as supplier to do this. Onlumi is the most professional supplier of LED light strip connector. If you have any questions about light strip connector, welcome to contact us.

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