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Power Supply

Onlumi brings an extensive collection of power supplies for use in domestic and commercial applications. We have a wide range of IP20 and IP67 power supply units for providing reliable power to machines and electric devices to be used indoor, outdoor and underwater. These power supplies are designed for use in electrical wiring, manufacturing, maintenance, and other common environments and industries.


Power Supply

Our product line includes AC/DC adapters, metal net housing power supply units, rain power supplies, and plastic slim supplies. These power supplies let you operate your equipment securely by providing the required current, voltage, and frequency. They reduce main or three-phase electricity to DC5V, DC12V, DC24V, and DC36V. You can select a power supply ranging from an output power of 5Watt to 100Watt.

In addition to power supply units, the leading lighting accessories supplier provides professional solutions for Led strip lights and wires. All the products manufactured and supplied by Onlumi are of great quality and reasonable price. We have millions of satisfied customers all over the world that have been getting professional and affordable solutions for years. Our products are recognized worldwide because of their compliance with CE, DLC, RoHS, REACH, and European standards of health and safety.