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End Caps

Onlumi releases an extensive collection of fixing tools including clips, locks, and End Caps. These fixing locks have been designed cautiously using high-quality material. You can get nylon-made and silicon-made locks suitable for different waterproof and non-waterproof LED strips.

End Caps

Onlumi silicon-made end caps come up with and without a hole in the bottom. These caps give space to strips with a width of 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. The white-colored caps can be fixed with adhesive tape or silicone glue. Check out the product line of end caps, locks, and other fixing parts for wires and LED strips. Select your required product and get a favorite quote from the supplier.


The leading manufacturer of LED strips offers free samples of products for new and existing customers. These samples let you have a better understanding of the product. The Onlumi products including LED strips, connectors, and fixing parts have been certified by CE, RoHS, and other leading organizations across the world. Other than providing quality and certified products, the company also offers technical support to customers in the development of LED strips. It also conducts compatibility tests to let customers choose a better lighting solution for their strips. This test is absolutely free.