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Snap DJ

The DJ series, waterproof LED strip connector is specially designed to connect waterproof LED strip that is IP65(some lab also rate it as IP54) rated. The connection is made by the inbuilt sharp pin which pierces the FPC of LED strip from the back and make them contacted. By this way, our waterproof LED strip connector can really allow users to connect a waterproof LED strip directly without removing it’s surface coating glue.

Snap DJ Connector

Onlumi comes with another powerful DJ connector for IP54 and IP65 flexible LED light strips. The white-colored snap DJ connector joins your LED strip to a strip joint, a wire, and a power supply. The DJ connector series has 2pin, 4pin, and 5pin connectors varying from 8mm to 12mm. These connective solutions work great with water-resistant LED strips having a single side glue cover. The DJ connector can be mounted with 150mm 22AWG wire. The high-quality connector is manufactured using copper, PVC, and PA66 Nylon that is a commonly used thermoplastic and used as a substitute of metal in several applications. As we know Nylon is water-resistant, stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and mildew-resistant. It possesses many other characteristics like flexibility, durability, and drying quickly.

All these specs make these nylon-made connectors a perfect connective solution for your LED strips. The adapter and wires used in these connectors are changeable. The company also provides customization options to business buyers to have customized packing of the products. That’s not all. The company also provides free samples to new buyers on demand. You can send a message to the supplier through their website to request samples and price details of the product. The company responds promptly and answers your relevant queries.