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Wire Clips

Onlumi is a leading supplier of LED strip connectors serving its valued customers by providing secure and reliable products for more than 10 years. It has a wide collection of strip connectors and fixing parts also including wire locks.



    Wire Clips

    To make the installation process simple and convenient, the Onlumi provides clips and holders for wires and strips. The white-colored cable holders are appropriate to use with wires linked with IP20, IP67, and IP68 strips. The silicone and nylon-made wire clips can be fixed with screws. The customization option for these wire clips enables customers to choose from different packaging forms. Select wire clips or other fixing tools for your LED strip and get a favorable quotation from the supplier.

    Moreover, the company proposes product samples to new customers and business buyers. You can request samples direct from the supplier’s website. The company does not charge for providing samples. Also, it lets customers choose a better product for their strips by doing compatibility tests. We can help you find out what fixing parts or connectors would be suitable for your LED strip. Also, we can provide photos and videos of products to have a better understanding and to use the media for your websites and catalog for marketing purposes.