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DC Connector Cable

Onlumi releases an extensive catalog of DC connectors that are specially manufactured for very low voltage electrical appliances. It includes 3 forms that are extender, pigtail and splitter with both lock and no lock. The size is mostly DC5521 but not limited to it. Manufactured with high-quality copper and PVC, the supported wire structure includes flat parallel wire, flat sheathed, and round sheathed wire.

IP20 DC 5521 Pigtail Connector-400

We have been delivering excellent-quality power and dc connectors across the world for years. We provides customization options to business buyers. They can have customized connectors by making alterations in wires, adapters, and even packaging. One kind of customization is combine DC connector to our solderless led strip connector in order to connect between strip light and power adapter.

We can provide free samples before you place order.