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Beetle Clip

A smallest LED Strip Light Connector that can work in Aluminum Channel. It is designed specially for solderless connection in narrow space. Obviously reduce your work and money spent on strip light soldering.

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Beetle Clip

Onlumi brings beetle clip strip connectors to form better, secure, and solderless connections to non-waterproof IP20 LED light strips. You can also use these clips to connect your strips to wires, power, strip joints, and strip bridges. These beetle clip connectors have 2 pin poles and have a width of 8mm and 10mm. The material used in the manufacturing of these connectors includes copper and polycarbonate. These beetle clip connectors are available in black, white, and transparent colors.

To make a connection between a strip and wire, insert the strip and wire into the clip and press the button. You can make a connection between the strip and strip joint in the same way. You can contact the supplier through online chat to seek guidance relating to product usage. Onlumi also lets you know what products are compatible with your strips and how you can develop a LED light strip seamlessly. Moreover, the company lets you download the catalog of the product line and provides photos and videos to use for marketing purposes. In addition to all these services, the company also provides free samples to let their valued customers understand their products more effectively. So, get your quotes and make an order right away.