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DC Terminal

Onlumi is the leading supplier of lighting accessories, LED strips, DC, and power connectors to businesses across the world. It has an extensive range of LED strip connectors and wire splicing connectors including DC terminal connectors.

DC Terminal Connector

You can get here the best splicing solutions for wires at an affordable price. The PVC and copper-made DC terminal wire splicing connectors have an IP rating of 20. They are touch-proof and are safe to use anywhere inside the home. There are 2 pin poles to insert two wires in both male end and female end connectors. These connectors support a wire of 24-18AWG.

The DC terminal wire splicing connectors come with different fixing methods including button fixing and screw fixing. Both fixing methods are easy and secure, and you can choose from them as per your requirement. The wire splicing DC terminal connector comes in custom packing and wire. You can get a free sample before placing your online order. Moreover, you can get assistance from Onlumi professionals in picking up the best wire splicing connector for you. As well as finding out a compatible product, the company also provides tutorials to help customers understand the usage of these connectors and other lighting accessories available at Onlumi.