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Outdoor Solid

Hippo-M Solid Series is #1 Connector Product Line for IP68 Solid Tube LED Strip
Patent design for solid tube waterproof LED strip light no matter common injected or latest extruded types. Directly connect strip light by hand maintaining tube coating of the strip, no extra tools needed! The innovative structural design can reliably ensure the breaking point is rain-proof once connected without glue.

Outdoor Solid Connector

Onlumi presents a versatile connector for solid tube and Chip-on-Board flexible LED light strips. Get a powerful solution for your waterproof IP68 LED strips. The Hippo-M solid connector solder IP68 strip to power with 200mm, 500mm, and 1000mm 20AWG wire. It also formulates a solderless connection between a strip and a strip joint, and a strip and a strip bridge. The Hippo-M connectors for solid tube strips come with 2pin, 3pin, and 4pin poles. The 8mm and 10mm connectors consist of polycarbonate, ABS, and PVC material. These white and transparent outdoor solid connectors save your effort and money as well.

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