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Strip to Other Connectors

The SO Series, led strip to other connectors allow you to connect LED strip directly to other connectors like 2.54 Mini Plug, Molex MICRO-FIT 3.0, DC connector, Flat Pin and USB, etc.

Strip to Other Connectors

Onlumi is a top-notch manufacturer and supplier of lighting accessories developing potent and affordable solutions for waterproof and non-waterproof LED light strips. It has a wide selection of LED strip light connectors, wire splicing connectors, connector with cable, electrical wires, cables, and fixing tools. The powerful connectors manufactured by the company establish a connection between strips, power, wires, and other connectors. If you are looking for a connector to join a strip to other connectors, Onlumi has amazing solutions to fulfill your requirement.

You can find here a connector to connect a LED strip to DC, flat pin, SM, or USB. The product line includes connectors to connect an IP20 strip to wire, an IP20 LED strip to strip joint, an IP65 strip to wire, an IP54 strip to wire, an IP65/IP54 strip to strip joint. The 2-pin connector connecting a strip to USB varies in width from 8mm to 10mm. It is manufactured with Nylon, copper, and PVC, and comes in black and white colors. These connectors have marking of CE, RoHS, and REACH which means they are manufactured following the guidelines of European standards of health, safety, and environmental protection. The company also offers customizations for a changed wire, adapter, and packing.