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Flat Pin to LED Strip
Flat Pin to LED Strip

Flat Pin to LED Strip

Minimum Order Quantity:10pcs

Brief Info

  • Allow user to attach 2 conductor wire according project requirement (Wire Color, Cross Section, length,etc).
  • No need stripping wire insulation when splicing flat ribbon cable
  • No need remove surface coating layer of waterproof strip light
  • Good for high density light LED strip,clear cover won’t mask light of first LED.
  • Gripping LED strip very firmly
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Available Configurations

8mm 3528 LED Strip Connectors is designed for single color light LED strip such as SMD3528, SMD3014, SMD2835,SMD2016,etc. The workable LED density is from 30LEDs to 120LEDs per meter for both waterproof and non-waterproof tape light. IDC technology make it possible to connect strip light with red / blue VHB foam tape on the back. Coming out as terminal without wire, users can DIY not just board to wire as lead connection purples but also board to board jumper with wire in middle.

1. For Non-waterproof

Model NO. Types Connective Position
OL11-SEN8XB-2 Strip to wire for IP20 Between strip and wire
OL11-SEN8BB-2 Strip to strip joint for IP20 Between two strips, without wires

2. For Waterproof

Model NO. Types Connective Position
OL11-DJN8XB-2 Strip to wire for IP65/54 Between strip and wire
OL11-DJN8BB-2 Strip to strip joint for IP65/54 Between two strips, without wires

Technical Specs

Workable LED strip

  • LED Types: SMD2835, SMD3528, SMD3014, SMD2216
  • LED Quantity Supported: 30~120 LEDs/Meter

All LED strips listed above are Single Color, Non-waterproof with 2 Soldering Pads on 8mm wide FPCB

Item Name
Hippo-M for Single Color 8mm
Item NO. OL11-SEN8XB-2 OL11-DJN8XB-2 OL11-SEN8BB-2 OL11-DJN8BB-2
Strip Light Protection IP20 IP65/IP54 IP20 IP65/54
Types Strip to wire Strip to strip joint
Workable Wire Cross Sectional Area 0.34~0.75 mm² /
Workable Wire Gauge 22 ~18 AWG /
Workable Wire OD Max 2.1 mm /
Polarity QTY 2
Pin Pitch 3.6mm
Way of Contact insulation-piercing contact
Working Voltage DC3V~24V
Rated Current 5A
Housing Color (cap/base) Transparent / Black
Min.LED Strip Thickness >0.2mm
Housing Material PC
Pin Material Phosphor Copper (Cu)
Flame Retardant Level UL94v-0

Operations Guide and Product Size

Title Language Size Type
Operations Guide
English 328kb pdf
Product Size
English 260kb pdf

Flat Pin to LED Strip

Onlumi is a leading supplier of lighting accessories providing quality and affordable products worldwide. The company has a vast variety of LED light strip connectors varying in design, size, color, material, and pins. Here we have described the flat pin connector to LED strip. It is designed for high-density LED light strips. It works with both waterproof and non-waterproof strips. The flat pin connector lets you join an IP20 strip to wire and strip joint without wires. You can also find here a flat pin connector to join an IP54 and IP65 LED strip to wire and strip joint. This connector goes perfect with single color LED light strip having a density from 30LEDs to 120LEDs per meter. The workable wire with the flat pin connector varies from 22 to 18AWG. The connector makes a connection between LED strips and wires by using insulation and piercing contact techniques. The flat pin connector to the LED strip is made of PC and the pins are made of Phosphor copper. This LED light strip connector is available in black and transparent colors. The product comes with different packaging options. The minimum order quantity for the flat pin connector is 10pcs. Place your order and get this amazing connecting solution for your LED strips.

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