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COB LED Strip Connector - Beetle Clip Invisible

LED density gets higher and higher with pursuit of cozy LED strip lighting effect, which requires a brand new fast connective solution to match. Therefore we rethink the essence of strip light connection and design this High Density / COB LED Strip Connector. As a breakthrough it gets rid of the dark area caused by conventional connector between two high density strip light, supporting the lighting designers to achieve ultimate lighting effect

Beetle Clip Invisiable effect

Beetle Clip Invisible COB LED Strip Connector

Onlumi understands the importance of effective, secure, and affordable LED light strip solutions and provides its valued customers with the same. It brings a wide selection of connectors and clips for soldering a strip with a strip joint or wire. It also presents beetle clips invisible for solderless and indistinguishable connections between LED strips. These beetle clips work great on a flexible Chip-on-Board (COB) LED strip that is the most advanced LED technology. The COB LED consumes less power and generates a higher quality beam of light. Moreover, these connectors are applicable for non-waterproof IP20 strips. You can find out 2pin, 3pin, and 4pin connectors having a width of 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

It is very simple to create a solderless connection between two strips. Insert the COB strips into the beetle clip connector. Make sure both edges of the strips meet at the center point of the beetle clip. Clamp the conductors of the connector for piercing the COB strip and your connection is complete. You can join a strip to power or a wire in the same way. These beetle clips save your time, effort, and money as well. Get a quote from the supplier and buy the LED strip solution at the rock-bottom price.

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