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LED Light Strip Connector

As a leading supplier, Onlumi provide high quality LED light strip connector, having the widest range of solderless led strip connector in the industry.  Check our offers below.

There are 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm+ in our product line. Sorted by LED strip light colors, we offer connecting solutions for light strip of single color, dual color / CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGBW+CCT (RGBWW), Pixel Color WS2812, WS2813, WS2814 and WS2811. By ingress protection grade, onlumi provide connectors for LED Strips which are IP20 rated (non-waterproof), IP65 rated (surface coating waterproof-some labs also rate this as IP44 or IP54 ), IP67 rated (hollow tube waterproof) and IP68 rated(solid tube waterproof). The applicable LED types on strip light include COB, SMD2835, 3014, 3528, 3535, 5050, 5630 and 5730, etc. In order to deal with the connection issue around corner, we develop corner connector coming with L shape (90 degree), T shape and cross (+) shape. All above options cove different connection types, such as strip to wire, strip to strip joint, strip to power, strip to strip bridge (jumper)