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LED Light Strip Connector

LED strip connectors are designed to make connections easier and faster when using flexible strip light. As a leading supplier of flexible LED tape connector onlumi have widest range of solderless LED strip connector in the industry. There are 5mm,8mm,10mm, and 12mm+ types in our product line. Sorted by LED strip light colors, we offer a connecting solution for Single-color, Dual color(cc), RGB, Pixel Color WS2812, WS2811, and RGBW-RGBY. By ingress protection grade, online provide connectors for LED Strips which are IP20 rated(non-waterproof) , IP65 rated (surface coating waterproof-some labs also rate this as IP44 or IP54 ), and IP67 rated Adopting idea of solderless connection our connector allows user to connect strip light without soldering iron. So people can connect LED strip lighting system by their own even they are not professional engineers.


LED Strip Width


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LED Light Strip Connector

Transform the lighting and interior design of your residence by setting up splendid lighting designs with our LED light strip connectors. Onlumi presents a wide range of LED strip connectors that have made personalized lighting easier and simple. From an extensive product line, you can choose a suitable strip connector according to the LED strip width using the filters available on the supplier’s website. You can get 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, and 6pin connectors to link your LED light strip to another strip, wire, power supply, strip bridge, or strip joint.

The product line of LED light strip connectors come with IP rating of 20, 65, 54, 66, 67, and 68.
Onlumi’s product line is protected against touch, objects, and liquids, and is safe to be installed anywhere in the home. The material used in the manufacturing of these connectors includes copper, nylon, PVC, Silicon, or ABS. You can filter your search to have strip connectors made of specific materials.

To physically inspect the product, the new customers and business buyers can get free samples. Moreover, the customers have a customization option to have altered wire, adapter, and packaging. In addition, you can seek technical support from the supplier to develop perfect LED light strips.