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Reasons to Choose Onlumi as Your LED Strip Connector Supplier

Oct 21, 2023

1. High-quality products as the basis for cooperation

  • Firstly, the connector has stable fixing connection and enough contact area through excellent structural design
  • Secondly, we choose high-quality raw materials, paying attention to the Flame Retardant Rating, Heat resistance, aging resistance and quality of the material.
  • Thirdly, with strict quality control, implement supplier evaluation, incoming material inspection, first article inspection, patrol inspection, shipment inspection and other procedures to ensure that the products are qualified


2. Easier to find the LED light strip connectors you want

  • We provide the most complete selection in the industry. With 1500+SKU, it can adapt to 90% of the light strip types in the industry
  • Strong R&D capabilities. We launch 4-5 new products every year to match the development of the market
  • The richest experience in solving light strip connection problems. We have more experience than others for light strip connection
  • Flexible enough to support led connector customization. If standard products cannot meet your needs, we also provide product customization services. Customize the packaging method you want, and the minimum quantity and price are not high


3. Get the latest LED strip connection solutions earlier than other companies

As a professional supplier, based on our strong R&D and design capabilities, we always launch the latest light strip connectors ahead of the market. Cooperating with us can keep you at the forefront of industry development


4. Adequate inventory of product and raw material

  • Having sufficient stock means we can support small batch orders without high MOQ.
  • At the same time for the products in stock, the delivery time is very fast


5. Provide you with a matching test of the light strip for free

To avoid buying the wrong model, before our cooperation, you can send us a few samples to our laboratory in Shenzhen, and we will test them to find the most mached models for your tape light. This is our free service. To save internationl freight, you can ask your LED light strip supplier to send us the led strip.


6. Happy to offer free samples

Ask for samples in this link: https://www.onlumi.com/get-samples/


Certificate for LED strip connector

As a professional LED Strip Connector Supplier we apply CE certificate, Reach and RoHS report for all the led connector for stirp light. The cable used in connectors are UL listed. Most of the housing material have SGS test report. If needed, pls contact us for certificate and test report.

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