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Onlumi Technology

Our story began from a very small field in 2014 while the LED strip connectors are much worse than what they are today in all the aspects.With years' price competion no manufacturer had will improving the products but thinking how to make the product cheaper.Users were suffering from unqualified connectors (over heat,melt,loosen fixing,etc)

We decided to change that by offering more reliable and efficient strip light connectors to the market. Today, with continuous trust from our customers, onlumi is the biggest player in this market.

We learn the fact from our past that business is all about making value for users and customers by outstanding products and service.


+Years' Experience


+Exported Countries




We don’t work only for big customer and big orders but also small business. With years investment on IT program, we build a system that support order in different scale,including non-standard products. Free samples and small oders are well supported in our company.

Fast Response



Based on our experience and expertise, we are able to provide solutions quickly to our customer. We care about efficient communication with customers and trained our sales to realize this

Convient and Time Saving




We’re building a widest variety of LED lighting accessories that can work together well, which includes connectors, wires, channels, clamps,drivers, controllers and more. Customers working with us save time spent on finding these small but necessary parts for their projects.


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We work for value

  • Good product for users
  • Good relationsip with customers
  • Good company for employees