Who we are

Shenzhen Onlumi Technology Co.,LTD is a company specialized in design, development, manufacturing and sale of led lighting products, located in Shenzhen and was founded by led lighting & electronic engineers.

Our products include flexible led strip and related accessories like Connectors, controllers and aluminum profile.

Why us

Quality is basis of manufacturing while good design is key to sucess in the market. We are proud of that we provide not just good quality product but also solution with excellent design which help our customers do better in market increment.  If we conclude why customers choose us, the reasons are

  1. We focuse on technical improvement.
  2. We know and care about what customers need.
  3. We’re flexible enough to cooperate with our customer
  4. We’re are responsible to what we do.

Brother company of onlumi lighting,aiming on domestic market.  Since establishment, QIJIE has been focusing on led strip connector R&D under most strict quality standard and innovative understanding on connection.  With years growing, QIJIE has become a famous brand in domestic market serving most of led strip manufacturer in China.