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Hippo-M X LED Strip Light Connector

As an upgraded version of the Hippo-M LED Strip Connector , the Hippo-M X is reusable, much smaller, easier to use, higher led density, wider in selection and more stable.

Hippo-M X -small

It has guide holes for inserting wire easier and more accurately. The new locking method ensures more stable current flow thereby reducing heat generation. In addition Hippo-M X also has a unique style to meet the unmet connection needs in the market, in which the wire-to-wire connector is specially designed for easy wire splicing in LED lighting project.  In short Hippo-M X will definitely help you to expand the LED light strip market better.

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1. Various Options from Hippo-M X LED Strip Connector

The width includes 6mm,8mm,10mm and12mm. Considering strip light color, there are 2 Pins for single color, 3 Pins for CCT (dual color) / RGBIC, 4 Pins for RGB, 5 Pins for RGBW and 6 Pins for RGBWW (RGB+CCT).  The type of connection includes Wire to wire, strip to wire, strip to strip joint, Side power wire to strip and corner connection (L shape, T shape, and Cross + shape). The applicable strip light protection method has both IP20 non-waterproof and IP54/65 Glue coating waterproof method

2. More features of Hippo-M X LED Strip Connector



Guid hole

High led density

3. Videos of Hippo-M X