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Hippo-M X LED Strip Light Connector

As an upgraded version of the Hippo-M LED Strip Connector , the Hippo-M X is reusable, much smaller, easier to use, higher led density, wider in selection and more stable. It has guide holes for inserting wire easier and more accurately. The new locking method ensures more stable current flow thereby reducing heat generation. In addition Hippo-M X also has a unique style to meet the unmet connection needs in the market, in which the wire-to-wire connector is specially designed for easy wire splicing in LED lighting project.  In short Hippo-M X will definitely help you to expand the LED light strip market better.

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1. Various Options from Hippo-M X LED Strip Connector

The width includes 6mm,8mm,10mm and12mm. Considering strip light color, there are 2 Pins for single color, 3 Pins for CCT (dual color) / RGBIC, 4 Pins for RGB, 5 Pins for RGBW and 6 Pins for RGBWW (RGB+CCT).  The type of connection includes Wire to wire, strip to wire, strip to strip joint, Side power wire to strip and corner connection (L shape, T shape, and Cross + shape). The applicable strip light protection method has both IP20 non-waterproof and IP54/65 Glue coating waterproof method

2. More features of Hippo-M X LED Strip Connector



Guid hole

High led density

3. Videos of Hippo-M X