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Connector with Cable

Connector with Cable (or connector wire) from Onlumi are mainly designed and manufactured for low voltage electrical devices. The main application fields include LED Lighting espically in furniture lightings like cabinet, closet, shelf and bed,etc. The product line of connector cable covers both indoor IP20 non-waterproof types and outdoor IP68 waterproof types in order to fulfill various applications in different working environments stably. This category include include DC barrel circular connector, DIN Style Pin connector, flat connectors, mini plug (L813,L814 and L822) and more.All these connectors have 3 forms that are pigtail, extender and splitter. As for pin quantity, there are 2 poles, 3 poles, 4 poles, and 5 poles for options. The options of wire gauge includes 24AWG, 22AWG, 20AWG, 18AWG, and 16AWG, etc. Customization is welcome.

Other Applications of Connector with Cable

Not just only led lighting, connector cable are widely used for power and singal transmission between different electrical devices.