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IDC Wire Joint

Non-stripped wire connectors, also called as non-peeled wire joint, provide a new concept of wire splicing. Adopting IDC (or IPC) Technology, it allows user to quickly connect wires without stripping insulation, twisting conductor nor tapping around. With this cool connector, wire connection become much more easier, time and cost effective. The only work you do is just inserting and crimping by a pliers !

Onlumi’s non-stripped wire connectors are qualified to both strand and solid wires of single pole or multiple poles. There are specific dimensions for different ranges of wire gauge that used in lighting system, automotive system, security system and domestic wiring, etc.

IDC Wire Joint

Wire splicing has never been effortless as now, thanks to the wire splicing connectors.  The non-peeled wire connectors let you create a strong connection between solid and strand wires without peeling, twisting, or tapping around. You can get a secure and long-lasting connection simply by inserting wires into the IDC wire joint connector and locking the connector. Onlumi has a wide selection of IDC wire joint connectors including 1 pin and 2 pin connectors. These connectors come in different shapes like I shape, T shape, and Y shape letting you joint multiple wires in different sequences.

Onlumi also brings a pluggable 2 pin I shape wire splicing connector and power distributor. The wire connector allows connecting strand and solid wires with the insulation displacement method. The power distributor comes in 2, 3, or 4 ports letting you distribute power from 1 lead to 2, 3, or 4 ways. Insert the wire connectors to the ports of power distributors to complete the installation. These connectors and power distributors are manufactured using PC and copper and have an IP40 rating. Get the best IDC wire joint to have a seamless connection between your wires at an affordable price. Get your quote and place your order right away.