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wire joint 1 Pin T Shape 20-16AWG 
wire joint 1 Pin T Shape 20-16AWG 

1 Pin T Shape 20-16AWG

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Brief Info

  • IP Rating: IP40
  • Wire Type: Strand & Solid
  • Contact Method: Insulation Displacement Connectors
  • Flame Retardant Rating: UL94v-1
  • Voltage & Current: 300V/15A(Max Pin Can Bear)
  • Certification: CE, RoHs
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Technical Specs

Item NO. Type Pin QTY. Workable Wire Voltage & Current Dimension Color Material IP Rating
WJ-T-1AC T shape 1 pole 1 Pin 20~16AWG /0.54~1.32mm² 300V/15A(Max Pin Can Bear) 33.5*17*9mm Clear+Black PC & Copper IP40
WJ-T-1AR T shape 1 pole 1 Pin 20~16AWG /0.54~1.32mm² 300V/15A(Max Pin Can Bear) 33.5*17*9mm Red+Black PC & Copper IP40

How To Use


Title Language Size Type
LCS191212061AS-Wire connectors-EN 60998 report
English 2446kb pdf
LCS191212061AS-wire connectors-LVD
English 1388kb pdf
LCS191212060AR--Wire connectors--ROHS 2.0
English 1645kb pdf

1 Pin T Shape 20-16AWG

Onlumi is known for providing quality products at an affordable price to its customers from all over the world. The company has a wide range of wire splicing connectors varying in pin poles, shapes, and designs. You can find here IDC wire joint and DC terminal wire connectors designed for 22 to 16AWG wires. Here we have described the T shape IDC wire joint connector with 1 pin pole. It is applicable with solid and strand 20 to 16AWG wires. This connector has an IP rating of 40. It uses the insulation displacement technique to join two or multiple wires without any struggle. The connector lets you join multiple wires without peeling them, twisting them, or sticking them together. Simply insert the wire into the connector and that is it. This product has got certificates from CE and RoHS and is secure to use in any environment. It is made of PC and copper and it is available in red and black colors. You can watch the tutorials available on this page to understand using the 1pin T shape wire splicing connector. Get a quote from the supplier and place your online order to get delivery of 1pin T shape wire splicing connector for 20-16AWG wires.

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