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Pluggable 2 Pin I shape and Powe Distributor 22-20AWG
Pluggable 2 Pin I shape and Powe Distributor 22-20AWG

Pluggable 2 Pin I shape and Powe Distributor 22-20AWG

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Brief Info

Pluggable 2 Pin I shape

  • IP Rating: IP40
  • Wire Type: Strand & Solid
  • Contact Method: Insulation Displacement Connectors
  • Flame Retardant Rating: UL94v-1
  • Voltage & Current: 300V / 9A(Max Pin Can Bear)
  • Certification: CE, RoHs

Powe Distributor

  • Fixing Method: Screw Fixing / Adhesive Tape Fixing
  • Voltage & Current: Max 36V / 6A (Total Box)
  • Type: 1 Lead – 2 Way,1 Lead – 3 Way,1 Lead – 4 Way
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Technical Specs

Pluggable 2 Pin I shape:
Item NO. Type Pin QTY. Workable Wire Voltage & Current Dimension Color Material IP Rating
PWJ-I-2 I shape 2 Pole 2 Pins 22~20 AWG / 0.34~0.54 mm² Max 36V / 9A(Max Pin Can Bear) 26*15*7mm Transparent / Black (cap / base) PC & Copper IP40
Powe Distributor:
Item NO. Type Output Ports Dimension Voltage & Current Color Material IP Rating
PDB-12 1 Lead – 2 Way 2 30.7*28*9.6mm Max 36V / 6A (Total Box) White PC & Copper IP40
PDB-13 1 Lead – 3 Way 3 30.7*42.5*9.6mm Max 36V / 6A (Total Box) White PC & Copper IP40
PDB-14 1 Lead – 4 Way 4 30.7*57*9.6mm Max 36V / 6A (Total Box) White PC & Copper IP40

How To Use

Pluggable 2 Pin I shape

Powe Distributor


Title Language Size Type
LCS191212061AS-wire connectors-LVD
English 1388kb pdf
LCS191212061AS-Wire connectors-EN 60998 report
English 2446kb pdf
LCS191212060AR--Wire connectors--ROHS 2.0
English 1645kb pdf

Pluggable 2 Pin I shape and Power Distributor 22-20AWG

Onlumi has a wide range of highly efficient and cost-effective wire splicing connectors. These connectors are available in different shapes and pin poles. Here we have described a pluggable I shape IDC wire joint with 2 pin poles. The pluggable connector has an IP rating of 40 and it is applicable with strand and solid wires. The connector uses the insulation displacement method to make a connection between wires. The pluggable 2pin I shape connector is a certified product and it is manufactured complying with the standards of CE and RoHS. In addition to this amazing wire splicing connector, Onlumi also presents a power distributor. As depicted by its name, the power distributor lets you distribute power in 2 ways, 3 ways, and 4 ways. The power distributor comes with screw fixing or adhesive tape fixing. The voltage and current capacity of the power distributor is 36V/6A. To make a connection with the help of a pluggable power distributor, insert the wire connectors into the power distributor. Check out the tutorials to better understand the usage of the pluggable 2pin I shape wire splicing connector and power distributor. You can also contact our customer support professionals to know more about product usage. Place your order and get delivery of this product at a reasonable price.

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