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Fixing Parts

Some small fixing and blocking tools for LED lighting installation. Applications are wire and led strip. Onlumi brings an extensive catalog of fixing tools used in the installation of LED light strips. These fixing parts ensure that the LED strips and wires are installed securely and accurately. Get 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm clips and end caps to be mounted with adhesive tape and screw.

Fixing Parts


Fixing Parts tools are suitable for the installation of waterproof, and non-waterproof LED light strips. From silicon-made fixers for IP67 and IP68 strips to nylon-made 8mm to 12mm clips for IP20 LED strips, you can have diverse fixing parts for the installation of LED light strips of every type.

As well as clips, Onlumi also presents the finest-quality end caps mounted with adhesive tape. Made with silicone, these caps are can be used with flexible IP67 and IP68 strips. The width of these clips ranges from 10.1 mm to 14.1mm. These caps come with different customization options for glue and package. Moreover, the supplier has an amazing collection of wire clips having an elegant appearance. These clips ensure the installation and security of wall wires by holding the wires together. It also prevents wires from damage during the installation. Get the premium quality clips and end caps for LED strips and wires, and have secure installation.