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End Caps for IP67 IP68 LED Strip
End Caps for IP67 IP68 LED Strip

End Caps for IP67 IP68 LED Strip

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Brief Info

  • Strip Type: Flexible IP67 IP68 LED strips
  • Fixing Method: Adhesive Tape
  • Inner Width: 10.1mm/12.1mm/14.1mm
  • Material: Silicon
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Model NO. Types Other Data
8EC-1 Holes in the bottom The Same as 8EC
8EC No Holes /
10EC-1 Holes in the bottom The Same as 10EC
10EC No Holes /
12EC-1 Holes in the bottom The Same as 12EC
12EC No Holes /

Technical Specs

Part NO. Strip Type Inner Width Color Material Fixing Method Outer Dimension Flame Retardant
8EC IP67/IP68 10.1mm White Silicon / PC Silicone glue 6*12.3*10mm UL-94-V0
10EC IP67/IP68 12.1mm White Silicon / PC Silicone glue 6*14*10mm UL-94-V0
12EC IP67/IP68 14.1mm White Silicon / PC Silicone glue 6*16*10mm UL-94-V0

Package Options

Boxes Face Seal Blister Hanging Head

End Caps for IP67 IP68 LED Strip

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