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Common Terms About LED Light Strip Connector

Mar 10, 2022
Terms on led strip connector

Connection Types

Strip to Wire

strip to wire drawing
Strip to wire drawing

It comes without wire. One end connects to led strip while the other end connects to cable.

Strip to Power

strip to power drawing
Strip to power drawing

It comes with wire. One end connects led strip while the other end connects to power supply.

Strip to Other Adapter

strip to other drawing
Strip to other drawing

It is a convertor, one end is equiped with strip connector another end comes with other connector like DC, USB, SM and Mini plugs, etc. Click below link to see our supplys.


Strip to Strip Bridge(Jumper)

strip to strip bridge drawing
Strip to strip bridge drawing

It comes with 2 connectors and 1 wire in between in order to conduct current from one strip to another stirp light

Strip to Strip Joint

strip to strip joint drawing
Strip to strip joint drawing

It comes without wire and both ends connect to tape lights as a middle splicer

Corner Connection

Corner Connection drawing
Corner Connection drawing

There are 3 shape types, L shape, T shape and Cross Shape (+). They are designed to connect strip lights at corner

Wire Gauge or Cross Sectional Area

Both are the name to describle the thickness of wire conductors coming with led strip connector.  The units is AWG or mm²

More informations pls refer to below links




Inner Width / PCB Width

The width of strip light that connectors are designed to connect. It ranges from 5mm to 12mm mostly.

Pin Quantity

Quantity of conductor used to contact soldering pad. The quantity is determined by the light colors to be controled. Each colors needs 1 separated channel, and each channel need 1 pins to connect. At final a common channels are required in order to make circuit.

Pin Distance and Solder Pad Distance

Distance between 2 pins closed to each other. This will determined if the postion match between conductor and soldering pad

Pierece to Contact

Also called as Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC), It is a way of contact that connector’s conductor penetrate insulation of cable or PCB in order to make connection.

IDC Connection Led strip connector
IDC Connection Led strip connector

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Surface Contact

It is a way of contact that connector’s conductor touch solder pad or exposed wire core in order to make connection. This is a well known way.

Wire End & Strip End

Strip End and Wire End led strip connector
Strip End and Wire End led strip connector

A strip to wire connector has 2 ends for connection. One end is made to connect wire and another end is made to connect strip light.

Waterproof Method

This is about how led strip is protected. Normally there are

  • non-waterproof IP20
  • glue coating waterproof IP65
  • hollow tube waterproof IP67
  • solid tube waterproof IP68

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