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IP67 IP68 LED Strips Clips
IP67 IP68 LED Strips Clips

IP67 IP68 LED Strips Clips

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Brief Info

  • Strip Type: Flexible IP67/IP68 LED strip
  • Fixing Method: Screw fixing
  • Inner Width: 8mm/10mm/12mm
  • Material: PC/Silicon
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Technical Specs

Part NO. Strip Type Inner Width Color Material Fixing Method Outer Dimension Flame Retardant
8MCWT1-C IP67/IP68 10.5mm Transparent PC Single Screw 20.5*7.5*5mm UL-94-V0
10MCWT1-C IP67/IP68 12.5mm Transparent PC Single Screw 22.5*7.5*5mm UL-94-V0
8MCWT IP67/IP68 10.5mm Milky White Silicon Double Screw 27*6*5.6mm UL-94-V0
10MCWT IP67/IP68 12.5mm Milky White Silicon Double Screw 29*6*5.6mm UL-94-V0
12MCWT IP67/IP68 14.5mm Milky White Silicon Double Screw 31*6*5.6mm UL-94-V0

IP67 IP68 LED Strips Clips

Are you looking for fixing tools for your IP67 or IP68 LED strips? Onlumi brings an extensive range of clips, end caps, and various other fixing tools for better installation of LED light strips. There are various screw fixing clips are available in different sizes. Made of PC or silicon, the LED strip clips are applicable for waterproof IP67 and IP68 flexible LED light strips. The inner width of these clips ranges from 10.5mm to 12.5mm and 14.5mm. You can choose a clip size keeping the width of your LED strip in mind. These LED strip clips are available in transparent or milky white colors. The transparent clip has a single screw for fixing, whereas, the milky white clip has a double screw for fitting. You can get these clips packed in a box, hanging head plastic packing, or face seal blister packing. There are several other fixing tools available to make the installation of LED strips effortless. You can get end caps and clips for non-waterproof LED strips at an affordable price. Select your product and get a favorable quote from the supplier to place your order. Contact the customer support team for order placement and to get answers to your relevant queries.

Package Options

Boxes Face Seal Blister Hanging Head

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