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IP20 LED Strips Clips
IP20 LED Strips Clips

IP20 LED Strips Clips

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Brief Info

  • Strip Type: Flexible IP20 LED strip
  • Fixing Method: Screw fixing
  • Inner Width: 8mm 10mm 12mm
  • Material: Nylon/PC
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Technical Specs

Part NO. Strip Type Inner Width Color Material Fixing Method Outer Dimension Flame Retardant
8MCN IP20 8mm Ivory White Nylon Single Screw 21*7*2mm UL-94-V0
8MCN-C IP20 8mm Transparent PC Single Screw 21*7*2mm UL-94-V0
10MCN IP20 10mm Lvory White Nylon Single Screw 23*7*2mm UL-94-V0
10MCN-C IP20 10mm Transparent PC Single Screw 23*7*2mm UL-94-V0
12MCN IP20 12mm Lvory White Nylon Single Screw 25*7*2mm UL-94-V0
12MCN-C IP20 12mm Transparent PC Single Screw 25*7*2mm UL-94-V0

IP20 LED Strips Clips

We understand the importance of fixing tools in the installation of LED strips, so bring the finest quality clips in beautiful designs and at affordable prices. We have a wide range of adhesive tools made of silicon, PC, or nylon. You can get silicon-made clips to fasten your waterproof strips. For non-waterproof IP20 LED strips, there are nylon-made clips available. You can fix your IP20 LED strips with nylon clips and screws. We have 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm clips available in transparent and ivory white colors. The beautiful design of these clips lets you fix your LED strips on different spaces in your house including your lounge and kitchen. Onlumi provides different packaging methods to let business customers choose packing as per their business requirements. The company facilitates its regular and business customers in different ways. It provides technical assistance in the development of LED strips. It helps customers to figure out compatible products for their strips. In addition to it, the business buyers can get marketing material from the company to create their catalog and website. All these services are provided free of cost. Contact our customer care staff to get assistance and to place your orders for IP20 LED strip clips.

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