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connector for IP68 CCT LED Strip 12mm 14mm 5 Pin
connector for IP68 CCT LED Strip 12mm 14mm 5 Pin

12mm PCB/14mm Tube 5 Pin Hippo-m Solid for IP68 RGBW

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Brief Info

  • Types: Strip to Strip Joint,strip to power,strip to strip bridge
  • Applicable Strip:  IP68 Solid Tube
  • Workable PCB Type: Flexible
  • Workable Wire: 22 AWG/0.32 mm2
  • Certificate: CE,RoHS,Reach
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Item NO.Connection TypesWire SpecWorking Voltage /Current
SDN12BB-5strip to strip jointno wireDC3V-24V / 5A
SDN12XB-5W200strip to power200mm 22AWG Sheathed WireDC3V-24V / 2.5A
SDN12XB-5W500strip to power500mm 22AWG Sheathed WireDC3V-24V / 2.5A
SDN12XB-5W1000strip to power1000mm 22AWG Sheathed WireDC3V-24V / 2.5A
SDN12BXB-5W200strip to strip bridge200mm 22AWG Sheathed WireDC3V-24V / 2.5A
SDN12BXB-5W500strip to strip bridge500mm 22AWG Sheathed WireDC3V-24V / 2.5A
SDN12BXB-5W1000strip to strip bridge1000mm 22AWG Sheathed WireDC3V-24V / 2.5A

Technical Data

Item NO.Applicable to all item NO.
Housing Sizestrip to power and strip to strip bridge: 28*19.5*8.5 mm; strip to strip joint: 40*19.5*8.5 mm
Housing MaterialPolycarbonate, ABS
Pin Quantity5 Pins
LED Strip Width12 mm PCB / 14mm Tube
Inner Wire ColorBlack, Green, Red, Blue, White
Workable LED StripIP68 Injected or Extruded Solid Tube
Connection IP RatingIP65 Rainproof


Title Language Size Type
AST1911202013EMC Hippo-M Solid CE-EMC Certification
English 353kb pdf
AST1911203002RoHS Hippo-M Solid CE-ROHS Certification
English 367kb pdf
AST1911201005LVD-Hippo-M Solid CE-LVD Certification
English 347kb pdf

Package Options

Normal BagBoxHanging HeadFace Seal BlisterClamshell Blister
White BoxWhite BoxHanging Head bag package for led strip connectorFace Seal BlisterClamshell Blister

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