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12mm 5pin DJ for IP65
12mm 5pin DJ for IP65

12mm 5pin DJ for IP65

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Brief Info

  • Types: Strip to Power, Strip to Strip Joint, Strip to Strip Bridge
  • Applicable Strip: IP54 Singe Side Glue Cover
  • Workable PCB Type: Flexible
  • Workable Wire: 22AWG/0.32mm2
  • Certificate: CE,RoHS,Reach
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Model NO. Types Connective Position
OL11-DJ12BB-5 Strip to strip joint for IP65 Between two strips, without wires
OL11-DJ12XB-5 Strip to Power for IP65 One connector with 150mm 22AWG wire
OL11-DJ12BXB-5 Strip to Strip bridge for IP65 Between two connector with 150mm 22AWG wire

Technical Data

Connection TypeStrip to Strip JointStrip to PowerStrip to Strip Bridge
Working VoltageDC 3~24VDC 3~24VDC 3~24V
Applicable PCB Width12mm12mm12mm
Pin NO.5 Pins5 Pins5 Pins
Head Size15.3*17.4*8.1mm15.3*17.4*8.1mm15.3*17.4*8.1mm
MaterialNylon(PA66), copperNylon(PA66), copperNylon(PA66), copper
Standard Wire Length150mm150mm150mm
With Wire or NotNo WireWith WireWith Wire
Housing ColorWhiteWhiteWhite

How to Use

12mm 5pin DJ for IP65

Onlumi presents a 5pin DJ connector for a 12mm LED light strip having an IP rating of 65. This connector is applicable with waterproof flexible LED light strips having a single side glue cover. The 5pin DJ connectors include strip to power connector, strip to strip joint connector, and strip to strip bridge connector. The strip to strip joint connector creates a connection between two or more IP65 and IP54 LED strips without wire. The strip to power and strip bridge connectors come with 150mm 22AWG wires. The wires have PVC insulation in white, blue, red, green, and black colors. The DJ connector is made of nylon(PA66) and copper. It has a beautiful design and shape and it comes in white color. The 5pin DJ connector comes with different packaging options. You can choose from a box or plastic packing as per your requirement. The 5pin DJ connector for waterproof strips has got certificates from CE, RoHS, and REACH. This high-quality product is available at wholesale price. Get a favorable quote from the supplier and place your online order for the product. Moreover, the supplier offers technical assistance and compatibility tests of products to let customers find out a suitable connector and develop an LED strip professionally.

Package Options

Boxes Hanging Head Face Seal Blister Clamshell Blister

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