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FPC Angle L Shape T Shape and Cross(+) Shape
FPC Angle L Shape T Shape and Cross(+) Shape

FPC Angle L Shape T Shape and Cross(+) Shape

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Brief Info

  • Shape Types: L shape,T shape and + Shape
  • Applicable Strip width: 8mm,10mm,12mm
  • Certificate: CE,RoHS,Reach
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Part NO.  shape Type
FPC8-L2A L shape
FPC10-L2A L shape
FPC10-L3A L shape
FPC10-L4A L shape
FPC10-L5A L shape
FPC12-L5A L shape
FPC12-L6A L shape
FPC8-T2A T shape
FPC10-T2A T shape
FPC10-T3A T shape
FPC10-T4A T shape
FPC10-T5A T shape
FPC12-T5A T shape
FPC12-T6A T shape
FPC8-C2 Cross shape
FPC10-C2 Cross shape
FPC10-C3 Cross shape
FPC10-C4 Cross shape
FPC10-C5 Cross shape
FPC12-C5 Cross shape
FPC12-C6 Cross shape

Technical Data


Part NO.  shape Type Voltage/Current Strip width Pin NO. Outer Dimension Material Copper Thickness
FPC8-L2A L shape 3~24V/4A 8mm 2 19*19*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-L2A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 2 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-L3A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 3 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-L4A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 4 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-L5A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 5 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC12-L5A L shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 5 23*23*0.3mm copper 70um
FPC12-L6A L shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 6 23*23*0.3mm copper 35um+70um
FPC8-T2A T shape 3~24V/4A 8mm 2 30*19*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T2A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 2 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T3A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 3 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T4A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 4 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T5A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 5 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC12-T5A T shape 3~24V/4A 12mm 5 34*23*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC12-T6A T shape 3~24V/4A 12mm 6 34*23*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC8-C2 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 8mm 2 24*24*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C2 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 2 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C3 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 3 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C4 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 4 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C5 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 5 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC12-C5 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 5 28*28*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC12-C6 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 6 28*28*0.3 mm copper 70um


Title Language Size Type
Operations Guide
English 328kb pdf
Product Size
English 260kb pdf

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Normal BagBoxHanging HeadFace Seal BlisterClamshell Blister
White BoxWhite BoxHanging Head bag package for led strip connectorFace Seal BlisterClamshell Blister

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