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FPC Angle L Shape T Shape and Cross(+) Shape
FPC Angle L Shape T Shape and Cross(+) Shape

FPC Angle L Shape T Shape and Cross(+) Shape

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Brief Info

  • Shpe Types: L shape,T shape and + Shape
  • Applicable Strip width: 8mm,10mm,12mm
  • Certificate: CE,RoHS,Reach
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Part NO.  shape Type
FPC8-L2A L shape
FPC10-L2A L shape
FPC10-L3A L shape
FPC10-L4A L shape
FPC10-L5A L shape
FPC12-L5A L shape
FPC12-L6A L shape
FPC8-T2A T shape
FPC10-T2A T shape
FPC10-T3A T shape
FPC10-T4A T shape
FPC10-T5A T shape
FPC12-T5A T shape
FPC12-T6A T shape
FPC8-C2 Cross shape
FPC10-C2 Cross shape
FPC10-C3 Cross shape
FPC10-C4 Cross shape
FPC10-C5 Cross shape
FPC12-C5 Cross shape
FPC12-C6 Cross shape

Technical Data


Part NO.  shape Type Voltage/Current Strip width Pin NO. Outer Dimension Material Copper Thickness
FPC8-L2A L shape 3~24V/4A 8mm 2 19*19*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-L2A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 2 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-L3A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 3 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-L4A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 4 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-L5A L shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 5 21*21*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC12-L5A L shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 5 23*23*0.3mm copper 70um
FPC12-L6A L shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 6 23*23*0.3mm copper 35um+70um
FPC8-T2A T shape 3~24V/4A 8mm 2 30*19*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T2A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 2 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T3A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 3 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T4A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 4 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC10-T5A T shape 3~24V/4A 10mm 5 32*21*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC12-T5A T shape 3~24V/4A 12mm 5 34*23*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC12-T6A T shape 3~24V/4A 12mm 6 34*23*0.3 mm copper 35um+70um
FPC8-C2 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 8mm 2 24*24*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C2 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 2 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C3 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 3 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C4 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 4 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC10-C5 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 10mm 5 30*30*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC12-C5 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 5 28*28*0.3 mm copper 70um
FPC12-C6 Cross shape 3~24V/3A 12mm 6 28*28*0.3 mm copper 70um


Title Language Size Type
Operations Guide
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Product Size
English 260kb pdf

FPC Angle L Shape T Shape and Cross(+) Shape

Onlumi has the most versatile LED light strip connectors letting you extend your strips and move them into different directions. The angle connectors are among the best-selling and cost-effective LED strip connectors having different shapes. The FPC angle connector is available in L shape, T shape, and Cross shape. This connector is applicable with 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm LED strips. The FPC angle connectors include 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, and 6pin connectors varying in size. These connectors are made of copper. In L shape FPC angle connectors, copper thickness is 70um. In T shape FPC angle connectors, copper thickness is 35um+70um. In cross shape FOC angle connectors, copper thickness is 70um. The FPC angle connectors and all other LED strip connectors manufactured and supplied by Onlumi are certified by CE, RoHS, and REACH. The products supplied by the leading supplier of electronic accessories worldwide are manufactured complying with the human health and environmental protection standards and regulations of Europe. This quality product is available at wholesale price. There are different packing options including box packing and plastic packing. You can choose the packing of the FOC angle connector. Moreover, you can choose the wire and adapter by utilizing the customization options.

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Boxes Hanging Head Face Seal Blister Clamshell Blister

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