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Metal Net Housing IP20

Ensure the provision of stabilized and accurate current, voltage, and frequency to your devices with the finest-quality power supply units manufactured by Onlumi. The leading supplier of power supply units, Onlumi brings an extensive collection of metal net housing power supplies. These supplies have an IP rating of 20 ensuring secure application of electrical devices indoor and outdoor. These supply units are designed for machineries and technology devices demanding stabilized power, voltage, and current. These electric devices consist of high-quality metal and can be used in various environments. Check out the entire collection of metal net housing power supplies to get the perfect solution for your device at an affordable price.



    Metal Net Housing Power Supply

    In addition to power supplies, Onlumi presents a wide collection of electric devices, wires, cables, connectors, and fixing tools. You can get IP20, IP67, and IP68 connective solutions for use indoor, outdoor, and underwater. All the products available here comply with CE, RoHS, and REACH. As well as providing reliable power supply products, the company also ensures customer satisfaction by providing quality services. It provides technical support to customers to let them have a secure and effective application of the electrical devices. Moreover, it provides free samples and performs compatibility tests to figure out the best solution for every customer.