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Adapter IP20

Onlumi brings an extensive catalog of power supplies to take input power from main power or three-phase electricity and transfer the accurate current, voltage, and frequency to your equipment. These power supply units deliver an adequate amount of power to your machinery and technology devices to protect them from the damage caused by an irregular power supply.



    Adapter IP20

    Onlumi product line of power supply units consists of adapters, rain power supplies, housing power supply, and plastic slim supplies. These electric devices are manufactured with great attention by complying with the health and environmental safety standards of Europe.

    The leading supplier of electrical devices and related accessories brings the finest quality AD/DC adapters. Also known as plug-in power supplies, these adapters derive power from an AC outlet and convert it to DC to provide secure and reliable power to the equipment attached to the power. There is a wide collection of adapters varying in power rating, output, and type of plug on the end. You can filter your search to get the most suitable AC/DC adapter for your device. If you are unsure about the adapter you need, our professionals can help you get a compatible power supply unit for your machinery. Moreover, you can get free samples of the product to understand its functionality