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Order Shipped Out Before 2025 CNY Holiday

Nov 04, 2021
2022 Calendar

Our 2022 Chinese New Year Holiday as below:

25th January,2022~7th February,2022

As transportation always get busier this season every year, in addtion to the power rotation policy here, lead time becomes harder to ensure. For your reference we worked out below table of last date to place order to ship out before CNY holiday.

Note that below date is worked out based on package of PE bag/Box/Hanging Head/Clamshell Blister.If your order includes Face Seal Blister package, the last date to order should be 5 days earlier from the dates below

Series Description Last date to order Ref Link
Hippo-M Standard without wire 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/hippo-m/
Hippo-M With wire fixed 2022/1/1
New Hippo-M Standard without wire 2022/1/15 /
Beetle Clip Standard without wire 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/beetle-clip/
Beetle Clip Invisible Standard 2022/1/1 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/beetle-clip-invisible/
Beetle Clip Invisible Customized Wire 2022/1/1
Outdoor Hollow Standard without wire 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/outdoor-hollow/
Outdoor Hollow Customized with wire 2022/1/1
Outdoor Solid Standard 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/outdoor-solid/
Outdoor Solid Customized Wire 2021/12/20
Solid Lock(SL) Standard 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/solid-lock/
Solid Lock(SL) Customized Wire 2022/1/1
Snap SR Standard 2022/1/1 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/snap-sr/
Snap SR Customized Wire 2021/12/20
Snap DJ Standard 2022/1/1 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/snap-dj/
Snap DJ Customized Wire 2021/12/20
FPC corner Standard 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/led-light-strip-connector/angle/fpc-angle/
Fixing Clip Standard 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/fixing-parts/led-strip-clips/
Flat Wire Standard 2022/1/1 https://www.onlumi.com/electrical-wire-and-cable/unsheathed-parallel-wire-flat-wire/
Wire Splicing Connector WJ Standard 2022/1/15 https://www.onlumi.com/wire-splicing-connector/idc-wire-joint/
Wire Splicing Connector PWJ Standard 2022/1/15
Wire Splicing Connector PDB Standard 2022/1/15

we hope you find this article helpful


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