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6 Pins for LED RGBWW CCT jacket wire Sheathed Cable
6 Pins for LED RGBWW CCT jacket wire Sheathed Cable black
6 Pins for LED RGBWW CCT jacket wire Sheathed Cable
6 Pins for LED RGBWW CCT jacket wire Sheathed Cable black

6 Pin Black-Green-Red-Blue-White-Yellow Sheathed Wire

Customization Options:Package, Color, Length and More

Brief Info

  • Package Method: Film/Spool
  • Package Length: 100m or Customized
  • Conductor Type: Multi-Strand
  • Material: PVC, Copper
  • Printed Content: AWM AWG 80℃ 300V VW-1 FT1
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Below item NO.s are standard. Customization is acceptable.

Item NO.Wire GaugeODOuter Insulation ColorLength/RollPackage Method
J1H-18A6C-BKGRBWY-100M18 AWG/0.78 mm²5.0 mmBlack100 MetersFilm Wrap
J1H-18A6C-BKGRBWY-100M-SP18 AWG/0.78 mm²5.0 mmBlack100 MetersPlastic Spool
J1W-18A6C-BKGRBWY-100M18 AWG/0.78 mm²5.0 mmWhite100 MetersFilm Wrap
J1W-18A6C-BKGRBWY-100M-SP18 AWG/0.78 mm²5.0 mmWhite100 MetersPlastic Spool
J1H-20A6C-BKGRBWY-100M20 AWG/0.52 mm²4.0 mmBlack100 MetersFilm Wrap
J1H-20A6C-BKGRBWY-100M-SP20 AWG/0.52 mm²4.0 mmBlack100 MetersPlastic Spool
J1W-20A6C-BKGRBWY-100M20 AWG/0.52 mm²4.0 mmWhite100 MetersFilm Wrap
J1W-20AA6C-BKGRBWY-100M-SP20 AWG/0.52 mm²4.0 mmWhite100 MetersPlastic Spool
J1H-22A6C-BKGRBWY-100M22 AWG/0.32 mm²3.5 mmBlack100 MetersFilm Wrap
J1H-22A6C-BKGRBWY-100M-SP22 AWG/0.32 mm²3.5 mmBlack100 MetersPlastic Spool
J1W-22A6C-BKGRBWY-100M22 AWG/0.32 mm²3.5 mmWhite100 MetersFilm Wrap
J1W-22A6C-BKGRBWY-100M-SP22 AWG/0.32 mm²3.5 mmWhite100 MetersPlastic Spool

Technical Data

Applicable Item NO.All
Wire TypeAWM 2464
ApprovalUL Listed, RoHS
Inner Insulation ColorBlack, Green, Red, Blue, White, Yellow
Inner Insulation Thickness0.24~0.32mm
Outer Insulation Thickness18AWG: 0.5mm; 22/20AWG: 0.38~0.44mm
MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Bare Copper
Flame RatingUL1581: VW-1, FT1
Working Voltage300V
Temperature Resistance80 °C
Conductor ConstructionMultiple Strand

Package Options

Film WrapPlastic Spool
Jacket Wire Film Wrap Package-300x300Plastic Spool Package

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