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LED Sweep Sensor Switch Dimmer
sensor dimmer switch hold dimming effect
Dual Side Sensor
Sweep Dimmer Switch Installed Under Cabinet
LED Sweep Sensor Switch Dimmer
sensor dimmer switch hold dimming effect
Dual Side Sensor
Sweep Dimmer Switch Installed Under Cabinet

Dimmable Dual Side Sweep Switch DMSC

Customization Options: Whole Products and Packages Depending on MOQ

Brief Info

  • Dual side sensor for control from 2 directions
  • With button to deativate specified sensor
  • Highly sensitive for high speed motion on / off
  • Cycle brightness dimming with hand hold (100%~10%~100% )
  • Adhesive tape attaching, Screw Fixing, Sliding Bracket Fixing
  • CE, RoHS
  • share

Technical Data

Sensitive Distance<=80 mm
Brightness Range5% ~100%
Working VoltageDC5~24V (input=output)
Max Current5A ( Depending on wire)
Default ConnectorDC5521, L813, L814, L822
Default Wire Length150mm or customized
Default Wire Gauge / Cross Section20AWG / 0.52mm² (Support 3.5A)
Housing Size32*33.5*14 mm
Housing ColorBlack
Housing MaterialPolycarbonate (PC)

detailed drawing


With L813 Connector With L822 Connector With L814 Connector
LED Sweep Sensor Switch Dimmer-L813 LED Sweep Sensor Switch Dimmer-L822 LED Sweep Sensor Switch Dimmer-L814

Option List

Item NO.Housing ColorWire ColorConnector Type
DMSC-H-H5521-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackBlack DC5521
DMSC-H-HL813-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackBlack L813
DMSC-H-HL814-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackBlack L814
DMSC-H-HL822-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackBlack L822
DMSC-H-HMX-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackBlack MX
DMSC-H-HSM-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackBlack SM
DMSC-H-W5521-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackWhite DC5521
DMSC-H-WL813-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackWhite L813
DMSC-H-WL814-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackWhite L814
DMSC-H-WL822-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackWhite L822
DMSC-H-WMX-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackWhite MX
DMSC-H-WSM-20ADBKBlack HousingDual BlackWhite SM
DMSC-H-W5521-20AWWBlack HousingDual WhiteWhite DC5521
DMSC-H-WL813-20AWWBlack HousingDual WhiteWhite L813
DMSC-H-WL814-20AWWBlack HousingDual WhiteWhite L814
DMSC-H-WL822-20AWWBlack HousingDual WhiteWhite L822
DMSC-H-WMX-20AWWBlack HousingDual WhiteWhite MX
DMSC-H-WSM-20AWWBlack HousingDual WhiteWhite SM
DMSC-W-W5521-20AWWWhite HousingDual WhiteWhite DC5521
DMSC-W-WL813-20AWWWhite HousingDual WhiteWhite L813
DMSC-W-WL814-20AWWWhite HousingDual WhiteWhite L814
DMSC-W-WL822-20AWWWhite HousingDual WhiteWhite L822
DMSC-W-WMX-20AWWWhite HousingDual WhiteWhite MX
DMSC-W-WSM-20AWWWhite HousingDual WhiteWhite SM


Three Fixing Ways

Adhesive tape fixing Screw with bracket fixing.jpg Adhesive tape with bracket fixing
tape with bracket fixing Screw with bracket fixing.jpg adhesive tape fixing and bracket

How to Connect

How to Connect Sensor Switch DMSC
How to Connect Sensor Switch DMSC

Certificate & Test Report

Title Language Size Type
English 238kb pdf
English 218kb pdf
LCS220328063AR-RoHS Report
English 1833kb pdf


white box package
White Box Package


  • LED Cabinet Light
  • Shelf Light
  • Under Cabinet Light

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