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End Block for IP67 Waterproof Connector
End Block for IP67 Waterproof Connector

End Block for IP67 Waterproof Connector

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End Block for IP67 Waterproof Connector

Onlumi is a leading supplier of LED strip lights, LED strip light connectors, power connectors, DC connectors, and other electronic accessories. It has a wide range of waterproof and non-waterproof connectors including an end block connector. The end block connector allows terminating a wire and connecting it to other systems. Using these connectors, you can easily disconnect wires and connect wires. The end block is available in black color. It has 4 pin poles and is given an IP rating of 67. The use of this end block is considered safe indoor, outdoor, and underwater.

Moreover, you can find here a vast variety of circular cable assemblies with varying pin poles, colors, and designs. These assemblies help to supply direct current power to low-voltage devices. The unrestricted power supply to the electrical devices secures them from potential damages. You can get these connectors and circular cable assemblies at a reasonable price. Tap on “Get A Quote” to find out the price of the product and place your order to get delivery of this connector. The supplier also provides customization options to let buyers request changes in the wire, adapter, and packaging of the product. You can contact the supplier through WeChat, WhatsApp, and online chat as well.

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