A small transparent mounting clip for fixing IP65 / IP54 strip light by screw. Conventional way to fix strip light is adhesive tape which can not always stick there due to heat and humidity. Especially when strip light is IP65/IP54 rated with glue coating on surface, strip light is heavier and easier to fall down.  With this clip, user don’t need to drop the fallen strip, just fix it back by screw . The clip can also be used at new installation to avoid led strip from dropping down in future.


Available Item NO.8MCWT10MCWT12MCWT
Workable Strip Width8mm10mm12mm
Inner width10.5mm12.5mm14.5mm
MaterialSilicon / PCSilicon / PCSilicon / PC
ApplicationFor 3528 IP67/IP68 led strip (8mm FPC)For 5050 IP67/IP68 led strip (10mm FPC)For 5050 IP67/IP68 led strip (12mm FPC)
Working Temperature-20 ~120 ℃-20 ~120 ℃-20 ~120 ℃



  • Single screw fixing to reduce your work
  • Eco-friendly, toxic free
  • Good tenacity to avoid break
  • Thermal stability to avoid deformation.
  • Transparent to allow light going through.

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