Very slim but excellent current carrying. Used to connect all 8mm single color flex LED strip like SMD3528, SMD3014 and SMD2835,etc. Ideal for high density LED Strip light for example 96LEDs/M, 120LEDs/M. Around 20% narrower than conventional snap led strip connector which allow it to work in small space like aluminum profile, cabinet groove, etc.

solid lock led strip connector 3528 single color 2 pin 8mm for ip20 non-waterproof
solid lock led strip connector 3528 single color 2 pin 8mm for ip20 non-waterproof
Model NO.TypesDescription
OL11-SL8XB-2Strip to wire terminalWithout wire, user can attach tinned wire to it
OL11-SL8XB-2WStrip to powercome with wire
OL11-SL8BB-2Strip to strip jointbetween two strips, without wires
OL11-SL8BXB-2WStrip to strip bridgebetween two strips, with wire

  1. Safer while working with separated wire channel design which can avoid short connecting.
  2. With notch for first LED which allow it work with high density led strip perfectly. For example, 120LEDs/Meter.
  3. Ultra slim design which is possible to work inside aluminum led strip profile or other narrow space
  4. Easy to use with solderless connecting concept.
  5. Keeping cool while working under big current.
  6. UL94V-0 flame retardant rating material
  7. Wide and full metal contacting area to led strip soldering pad
  8. Solid fixing to led strip with innovative back lock design.
How to use -Video

strip to wire operation

strip to strip joint operation

Workable LED Strip

All the workable LED strip listed below are non-waterproof, 8mm wide, single color with 2 solder pad

LED Type: SMD3528, SMD3014, SMD2835,SMD335
LED Quantity per Meter: 30~120 LEDs/Meter

Technical Data
Item Name
LED Strip Light Connector 8mm for IP20 Single Color
Item NO.OL11-SL8XB-2;   OL11-SL8XB-2W;   OL11-SL8BB-2;   OL11-SL8BXB-2
Pin Pitch3.6 mm
Working VoltageDC3V~24V
Rated Current 6A
Polarity QTY2
Housing ColorIvory White
Workable Strip Width8 mm
Workable Strip Thickness Range0.2~0.4 mm
Default Wire Length (if have)15CM. ( customized wire length is acceptable )
Workable Wire Gauge (if have)22 ~18 AWG
Workable Wire Cross Sectional Area (if have)0.34~0.78 mm²
Default Wire Color Order (if have)Black & Red (accept customization)
Housing MaterialNylon66
Pin MaterialPhosphor Copper (Cu)
Flame Retardant LevelUL94v-0
Dimensional Drawing of SL8XB-2W
Dimensional Drawing of SL8XB-2W
Dimensional Drawing of SL8BB-2
Dimensional Drawing of SL8BB-2
Dimensional Drawing of SL8BXB-2W
Dimensional Drawing of SL8BXB-2W