The SR series, LED strip snap connector is specially designed for connecting non-waterproof LED strip that is IP20 rated. The connection is made by the inbuilt resilient pin which press the soldering pad when LED strip is inserted in. By this way soldering iron is no longer necessary to LED strip connection and connection is simplified into 2 action which are just inserting and pressing down.
With central-hole V-shape pin, the connector provides 2 times contacting point to soldering pad than similar products in the market. This design make connection more stable and safe because it reduce the resistance and spark discharge. By adding metal teeth on cover, the connectors can fix LED strip better.

Onlumi has widest range of LED strip snap connector in industry. In this series, there are 8mm 2 pins(single color),10mm 2 pins (single color),10mm 4 pins (RGB), 12mm 2 pins (single color) and 12mm 5pin (RGBW) in our company. From 30 LEDs to 120 LEDs, SR series will never disappoint you.

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