Plugable Wire Joint, also called as non-stripped wire terminal connector allow you to connect wire directly without stripping insulation in advance and be able disconnect by unplugging.  No matter professional industrial or terminal user , this connector will bring most flexibility to your connection works on site.

Pluggable Non-stripping Wire Joint Connector
Pluggable Non-stripping Wire Connector
Model NO.TypesFunction
OL11-PWJ-I-2I shape 2 PoleMake connection between non-stripped wire.

  • Connect wire without stripping insulation.
  • Easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Compact design which take less space.
  • Both strand and solid wire compatible.
  • Any one can connect to each other by overturning
How to use


Any length

strand and solid wire ok

Technical Data
Item NameNon-stripped Plugable Wire Terminal Connector
Item NO.OL11-PWJ-I-2
Color (Up/Bottom)Transparent/Black
Polarity NO.2
Wire Distance1.3 mm
Rated StandardIEC/EN 60664-1
Over voltage Category EN IIII
Pollution Level2
Ingress ProtectionIP40
Reusable Time< 3 times
Rated Voltage EN36V
Rated Current EN9A
Minimum Cross Sectional Area 0,34 - 0,5 mm²
Workable Wire TypeSolid wire/Strand wire
Workable Wire Gauge [AWG]
22-20# AWG
Housing MaterialPolycarbonate
Connection Hardware
high-precision copper(Cu)
Normal Working TEMP.
-35 -+80℃
Working Ambient TEMP.
-35 -+60℃
Flame Retardant Level
Pin Surface Treatment
Corrosion Resistance Cleaning
Dimensional Drawing of PWJ-I-2
Dimensional Drawing of PWJ-I-2