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10mm 4 pin Snap L Shape for IP20
10mm 4 pin Snap L Shape for IP20

10mm 4 pin Snap L Shape for IP20

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Brief Info

  • Shpe Types: L shape
  • Applicable Strip: IP20 Non-waterproof
  • Applicable Strip width: 10mm
  • Certificate: CE,RoHS,Reach
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Technical Data

Part NO. Type Voltage/Current Strip width Pin NO. Size Material Wire Spec Wire Fixed Color
SR10-L4 L shape board to board 3~24V/3.5A 10mm 4 Pins 25*14*4.5mm nylon & Copper / no wire White


How to use



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10mm 4 pin Snap L Shape for IP20

Onlumi brings the best angle connectors to extend your LED strips and move them in different directions. You can find here L shape, T shape, and cross shape angle connectors designed for waterproof and non-waterproof strips. The 4pin Snap L shape connector is designed for IP20 non-waterproof LED strips having a width of 10mm. The L shape connector lets you extend your strip in another direction. To join two LED strips with the Snap L shape connector, open the connector clip and insert the LED strip into it. Place the strip light on connector pins. Close the cover and lock the connector. Repeat the process by inserting the other LED strip into the other end of the L shape connector. The 4pin Snap L shape connector is made of nylon and copper. It is available in white color at wholesale price. Get a quote from the supplier to check out the latest price detail of this product. Check out the entire selection of angle connectors to find out amazing connectors for your LED light strips. You can also take help from the supplier in finding out connectors or electronic products compatible with your devices. Find out your required product and buy it at an affordable price.

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