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IP20 L815 Mini Plug 2 Pin

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IP20 L815 Mini Plug 2 Pin

Shenzhen-based Onlumi is an international supplier of affordable and high-quality electronic accessories having thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. It brings a wide selection of professional lighting accessories, LED strip lights, LED strip connectors, power connectors, DC connectors, power supply units, and fixing tools among others. The company ensures an outstanding customer experience by providing quality products at a reasonable price. The mini plug connector with cable is another state-of-the-art product of the supplier. It is a 2pin mini-plug connector having an IP rating of 20. There are different models available in this connector having different connective positions and wire shapes. The touch-proof mini-plug comes with customizable wire. The color and length of this wire are customizable and the buyer can choose one as per their requirement. The IP20 mini pug consists of plastic, PVC, and copper. You can use this connector to transfer direct power supply to low voltage equipment used for household or commercial purposes. Get a favorable quote from the supplier and place your order to get delivery of this IP20 mini plug connector. You can also check out the entire selection of waterproof and non-waterproof mini-plug power and DC connectors to find out a compatible product for your electrical devices.

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